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Mariam’s Tea Party: Glitter and Be Gay

by bryan • July 27, 2019

drag show, drag comedy, burlesque, female impersonator, hillcrest, drag queens

Mariam’s Tea Party: Broken Blockbuster

by bryan • June 29, 2019

A unique drag meets comedy meets burlesque show that happens every month at Urban MO’s! Get your tickets and come enjoy the fun!

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Whips N Furs – Queer Dance Party

by bryan • June 1, 2019

Whips n Furs is BACK at MO’s Bar and Grill for our MONTHLY QUEER DANCE PARTY hosted by Vivvi TheForce with BEATS by DJ Jon Doss !!!

comedy drag, drag performance, drag show, best gay bar

Mariam’s Tea Party: Ladies of Rock

by bryan • April 20, 2019

Comedy Drag. Ladies of Rock Cast: Mariam T • Evelyn Rose Glitz Glam • Bebe Gunn Gro Tesqua • Kevi Kev

Show Stoppers with Logan Walker

by bryan • March 23, 2019

Click Button Below For Saturday, March 23 Tickets

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Out of the Boxx with Pandora Boxx

by bryan • February 15, 2019

Pandora Boxx opens up about her almost decade in the Drag Race bubble with hilarious stories of childhood, being on the road and of course reality TV.