Welcome to the MO’s Rewards Program! We’re delighted to finally offer a program that gives back to you, our amazing guests. What’s even more amazing – allowing you to give back to the Hillcrest community just by eating and drinking. Stop by Urban MO’s to pick up a card today.



Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get my MO’s Reward Program card?
Here at Urban MO’s

Do I already have a card?
You might! Our MO’s Reward Cards and MO’s Gift Card are one in the same. Pull out your lady wallet or man purse and check to see if you already have a MO’s Gift Card. If you do, logon and register that card and get to trackin’.

How do I start accumulating rewards?
You can use any one of our MO’s gift cards to start accumulating points. You must register your card online here before redeeming points.

Can I get reward points from my friends check?
No, you can only earn points with your card on your own check. You cannot collect points from another guests’ check. One check, one reward card.

How does the system work?
It’s a five percent back system. Spend $100, get $5 loaded onto your card. It’s that simple!

Do I need my card with me to earn rewards?
Yes, you always need your card with you to earn rewards at our locations.

Do I need my card to redeem rewards?
Yes, yes you do. Keep it in that man purse or lady wallet.

What if I forget my card at home?
Unfortunately, we will not be able to add points to your account without your card physically present at the time of closing your check.

Can I bring my receipt back to add points from when I forgot my card at home?
Sorry Felicia, you cannot.

What if I lost my card?
If you lost your card and you have registered it online, you can login here and change your account to a card number to track your points.

What do you mean give back to the community?
Upon your request, MO’s Universe will donate your points, equating to U.S. dollars, and give to one of four charities of your choice including: The San Diego LGBT Center // MO’s Universe AIDs LifeCycle Team // Being Alive // AIDS Walk San Diego

How do I donate my rewards to charity?
Once you have earned the points you wish to donate, please ask a host or your server for a Reward Points Donation sheet. Follow the instructions on the sheet.