This Ain’t Your Grandma’s BINGO

by c0nrad • August 19, 2017

Come help Urban MO’s support OMG Softball Team with BINGO!


Ain’t Your Grandma’s BINGO

by c0nrad • July 29, 2017

It’s time for “Ain’t Your Grandma’s BINGO” with Landad Plenty! Proceeds go to benefit Red Dress Party San Diego + San Diego HIV Funding Collaborative!


Ain’t Your Grandma’s Bingo

by c0nrad • June 17, 2017

Come to Urban MO’s on Saturday, June 17th, for Ain’t Your Grandma’s BINGO on our Adult Playground!


Ain’t Your Grandma’s BINGO

by c0nrad • May 20, 2017

This ain’t your grandma’s BINGO gurl! Come see for yourself!

Bingo in HIllcrest

by urb@n_M0s • April 16, 2016