Nicky Noms Urban MO's

It’s no wonder why we have over 25 Nicky Nominations for Urban MO’s. We think everything should be extraordinary! We mean business when we say Urban MO’s is the Best Gay Bar in San Diego. Visit us and find out why.

The 39th Annual Nicky Award Nominations were last night and we were honored to bring in so many nominations from our entire MO’s Universe team.

Urban MO’s brought in 2014 nominations for:

• Outstanding Bar Manager
• Outstanding Philanthropist
• Outstanding Bar
• Outstanding Female Waitperson
• Outstanding Male Bartender
• Outstanding Bar Owner
• Outstanding Night Club / Dance Bar
• Outstanding Community Event
• Outstanding Brunch
• Outstanding Male Personality
• Outstanding Male Bartender
• Outstanding Impersonator
• Outstanding Restaurant
• Outstanding Entertainer / Group
• Outstanding Bar Event
• Outstanding Levi / Leather Personality
• Outstanding Community Volunteer
• Outstanding Male Waitperson
• Outstanding Male Personality
• Outstanding Bar Event
• Outstanding Business Man
• Outstanding Night Club Dancer